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Zone therapy is a millennia-old form of natural medicine

Modern zone therapy treats not only the soles of the feet but the whole body. This is based on the idea that the body is reflected in miniature in the rest of the body. This means that in addition to the soles of the feet, there are also reflective zones in the palms of the hands and the ears. The treatment is gentle and therefore suitable for everyone from babies to grandparents.

Zone therapy maintains health and treats disturbances in the body. It helps to remove tension and blockages in the body. This helps the body to feel better.

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Zone therapy can be used to seek help in cases such as

  • you are stressed
  • you suffer from insomnia or restlessness
  • different types of pain
  • you suffer from intestinal problems
  • for baby colic


You can also come to zone therapy just to relax in the middle of a busy day.

Zone therapy treatments

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The treatment room is located in Olari at Komeetankatu 1. When you turn onto Komeetankatu, the car ramp is almost immediately on the right after the courtyard. Drive (or walk) up the ramp to the roof. You can leave your car in the spaces next to the door (it says Ledicon and SRS). When you enter the door you will be in the waiting room where I will pick you up.